With the current working environment having moved from the office to the home (for obvious reasons), more and more people have had to adapt to a new way of working. Whilst there are numerous benefits that come with this shift such as; avoiding the commute, working from the comfort of your own home, having and how you work as well as having more time with immediate family; working and living in the same environment can be challenging.

It takes some getting used to and requires discipline and focus whilst also ensuring that those living with you minimise disruptions. It’s important to approach working from home in the right way as well as have access to the right tools.


Windows 10 has many features to help homeworkers get the most out this new normal.

  1. Windows 10 has lots of ways to help your customers be productive. Timeline and Focus Assist helps users to keep track of what they’re working on whilst avoiding distractions, limiting the number of notifications that are displayed. The Your phone app syncs your phone with your desktop to access texts and photos right on your computer with ease.
  2. A Virtual Desktop links directly to your work office and helps to keep business applications and files separate to personal ones.
  3. Security comes as standard and it’s never been more important with the average cost of a cyber-attack on small businesses costing £60,000. Your customers can rest assured knowing Windows 10 comes with built-in security features, including firewall and other internet protections, to help safeguard against viruses, malware and ransomware.
  4. Communication with colleagues. Tools like Microsoft Teams were built with remote working in mind by combining chat, meeting, calls and collaboration all in
    one place. Sign up and start using Teams for free.Start using Teams today here.
  5. Read the Microsoft blog for more tips including picking a good workspace, keeping your data secure and getting started with Windows 10. Check out these useful tips here.

Make the most of working remotely and set yourself up for success with our remote working checklist.

Windows 10 is the perfect platform for you to take on this new challenge. Offering productivity tools, security and flexibility when combined with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.