Spot it, report it, prevent it!

Help our community get back to a level playing field and report websites that may be selling unlicensed Windows software.

Make this our business so we can help your business. So far this year you have helped us to report 200+ websites to Microsoft for investigation.

It’s in everyone’s interest to keep reporting.

How does buying unlicensed Windows software affect your business?

Only genuine Windows provides the security updates and support your customers need.

Counterfeit software brings many risks for you and your customers. For example, consumers and enterprises have a 33% chance of encountering malware when they obtain and install a pirated software package or by a PC with unlicensed software on it.*

If you suspect a website may be selling unlicensed counterfeit Windows software report it anonymously here…

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*Source: IDC Whitepaper #247411: The Link between Pirated Software and Cybersecurity Breaches.  How Malware in Pirated Software is Costing the World Billions’