With even higher rebates offered on your Windows purchases:

*Per month.
This new programme replaces our popular RAMP-UP programme.

The VIP Partner Programme is designed to support our resellers whilst
rewarding you for purchasing from VIP.  Launched in March with Windows,
we’ve given out £3,000 in rebates. Our aim is to expand and include more
brands in the future.

New Streamlined Rebate Process 

Your rebate will now be automatically issued to you as a credit note by the 4th working day of the month after your rebate was earned e.g. if you earned a rebate in March, your credit note will be issued by the 6th April.

Unfortunately, The VIP Partner Programme is not open to everybody.  Please contact your account manager to see if you’re eligible to join and earn rebates. 

At present, we are only paying a rebate on Windows purchases.  We are working closely with other brands and hope to announce additional rebates and/or rewards in the near future. 

The rebate is uncapped, you can earn a rebate on all of your purchases, if you’re eligible for the Programme.  The rebate amount drops from 3% for units of 1-75 to 1.5% for units over 75 ordered each month. 

Yes it has.  The VIP Partner Programme will enable us to include more VIP UK partner brands going forward as RAMP-UP was a programme exclusive to AMD and Microsoft.  It stood for The Rewards for AMD and Microsoft Programme (RAMP-UP). 

Any orders placed with us for Windows software in March 2022 will count towards The VIP Partner Programme rebate.  Any order placed in February 2022 will count as a RAMP-UP rebate, payable at the applicable rate for that programme. 

Unfortunately, the new rebate system will start from April in line with the first VIP Partner Programme rebates for March 2022.  As with the RAMP-UP programme rules, you will need to claim your rebate against a Windows purchase in March 2022.  If you don’t redeem it in March, it will become VOID. 

Your rebate will be paid as a credit note.  This credit note will be sent to the email address we hold on file for you by the 4th working day of the month after you earned your rebate.  If you’d like to update the email address we hold on file for you, you can contact your account manager or email marketing@vip-computers.co.uk 

No you don’t.  You can use it against any future order for any brand. 

This is because VIP UK uses its buying power to fight for rebates for all of our resellers that are usually only available for large resellers so that we can help everyone compete fairly.  Our rebates will feature an expiry date in line with our current agreements with these brands.  It is our aim to renegotiate new agreements ahead of these deals expiring. 

Windows 11 Home

Windows 11 Pro

T’s & C’s apply, including but not limited to:
1. Only retailers that qualify for VIP Partner Programme are eligible for its rewards.  Not all VIP resellers are eligible.  Speak to your account manager to discuss eligibility.
2. Rebates are issued on Windows purchased in a calendar month, beginning with March 22.
3. Windows rebates of eligible participants are uncapped.  You can earn 3% on Windows purchases up to 75 units, with a 1.5% rebate applying to units of 76 and over.
4. Your rebate will be paid as a credit note.  The credit note will be issued via email to your accounts team, if you require a copy of the credit note, this can be requested from VIP’s accounts receivable team or your account manager.
5. Your rebate can be applied to any purchase from VIP UK.
6. This offer is currently available until 30th June 2022.