Only genuine Windows 10 provides the security, updates and support your customers need.

Counterfeit software brings many risks for you and your customers. For example, consumers and enterprises have a 33% chance of encountering malware when they obtain and install a pirated software package or by a PC with unlicensed software on it.

Download the ‘Better Safe than Sorry’ Infographic here…


The business benefits of buying genuine

You’ll get the peace of mind, protection and after sales support that comes with buying authentic Windows 10 software from a Microsoft-authorised distributor.

And your customers will enjoy all the benefits of Windows 10. That includes security which safeguards against data loss, viruses, embedded malware, and compromised identity.


How to stay protected?

-Buy from an authorised distributor
-If the price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t properly licensed
-Only buy licensed software. How to tell?

Avoid the hidden costs. Make sure that you only buy genuine Windows 10 software from an authorised distributor like VIP UK


*Source: IDC Whitepaper #247411: The Link between Pirated Software and Cybersecurity Breaches.  How Malware in Pirated Software is Costing the World Billions’