Introducing the new 3rd generation AMD Ryzen™, built using  the world’s most advanced 7nm manufacturing technology. Paired with Wraith coolers, AMD Ryzen™ processors deliver game-winning performance while keeping your system astonishingly cool & quiet.

AMD Ryzen™ Processors with Radeon™ Vega Graphics are armed with some of the most advanced, powerful computing and graphics hardware available today, fused together in a single processor to deliver the high performance you need for demanding work and serious play, without compromise.

“The especially clever part is that AMD has managed to package these two pieces of hardware inside a processor that uses the same AM4 socket we saw with Ryzens™ 7, 5 and 3 so these new Raven Ridge APUs are fully compatible with a huge stack of motherboards that are already on the market. All you need is a BIOS update and you’re ready for action.” – KitGuru

Built for high-performance gaming, AMD Ryzen™ processors come with features like clever machine intelligence, advanced processing and more. Built with “Zen” core architecture to set the standard for high performance and efficiency.  AMD’s high performance x86 Core “Zen” architecture delivers >52% improvement in instructions-per-clock cycle over the previous generation without increasing power.

With AMD’s SenseMI technology (technology that thinks), the Ryzen™ processor has true intelligence for smarter cores that have learning and adapting features.

Powered by the new AM4 Platform

The new AM4 platform puts effortless compatibility front and centre.  The new 1331-pin processor socket works with the 7th Gen AMD APU, AMD Ryzen™ CPU, and the upcoming “Raven Ridge” APU. The one socket AM4 motherboard will work with any AM4 processor. With support for the latest I/O standards like USB 3.1 Gen 2, NVMe, or PCI Express® 3.0, it’s easy to build a high-performance system that can grow with the needs of your customers.

“AMD have released their first desktop APU that makes genuine sense for gamers. Before now, their APUs ended up using hobbled processor and weakheart GPU cores, but by building on the twin pillars of the Ryzen™ and Vega technologies respectively, AMD have managed to deliver a single chip solution that can offer playable gaming performance without the need for a discrete graphics card.” – PCGamesN

“If you’re looking for a really cheap or small PC, but you still want enough graphics performance for a bit of gaming, then they fit the bill perfectly.” – TrustedReviews

Ryzen™ Threadripper™

Ryzen™ Threadripper CPUs do everything. All at the same time.  Render. Stream. Compile. Encode. Work and play. With the highest levels of multi-processing performance that money can buy.  Featuring 8-16 cores, up to 32 processing threads and 20-40MB cache.

Ryzen™ 9

The Ryzen™ 9 delivers award-winning performance and optimised processor technology for gamers and creators. It offers higher speeds, more memory and wider bandwidth to set a new standard for high performance processors. With 16 cores, 32 processing threads and a 64MB Cache you are equipped for anything.

Ryzen™ 7

Experience elite performance in games, content creation, and intensive multi-tasking with Ryzen™ 7 CPUs. A beautifully balanced design for serious PC enthusiasts featuring 8 cores, 16 processing threads and a 20MB cache.

Ryzen™ 5

AMD believes that everyone deserves a powerful processor, so they created Ryzen™ 5 CPUs. Uncompromising features and smooth performance is finally the standard for every gamer and artist.  Ryzen™ 5 processors feature 4-6 cores, up to 12 processing threads and a cache between 10MB and 16MB.

Ryzen™ 3

Ryzen™ 3 CPUs deliver cutting-edge, true quad-core architecture to provide the responsiveness and performance you’d expect from a much pricier PC.  With 4 cores and 10MB cache, Ryzen™ 3 deliver responsive, unlocked performance for everything you do.

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