When Intel announced their entry into the discrete GPU market, there was a palpable sense of excitement as the CPU giant would be disrupting the duopoly that NVIDIA and AMD have had for more than a decade. However, with the pandemic and semiconductor supply issues causing constant delays, the initial excitement has taken on shades of concern as next-gen graphics cards are already on the horizon before Intel has brought out their full line-up for this current generation.

The only Arc Alchemist desktop graphics card that Intel has released so far is the Intel Arc A380, an entry-level model using Intel’s ACM-G11 GPU. Getting a hands-on experience with the new cards has not been easy for most, as this release has only been in China so far, but online benchmarks have been giving us a glimpse into the kind of performance we can expect.

Equipped with 6GB DDR6 memory and 8 Xe-Cores, clocked at 15.5 Gbps, and a TDP of only 75W, the A380 is a lower-end card aimed at providing a 1080p gaming experience comparable to NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1650 and AMD’s RX 6400. However, according to Intel and WCCFTech despite being the latest entrant, the A380 is the slowest of the three when it comes to gaming workloads; claiming occasional superiority over the AMD RX 6400 in certain titles.

Source: WFFCTech



Resellers shouldn’t let this discourage them from potentially ordering the GPU or designing future systems with it in mind because these results are early days for Intel and don’t paint the full picture. In fact, when it comes to optimised synthetic benchmarks, like 3DMark’s TimeSpy, the Intel is a strong competitor; the A380 can claim victory over the NVIDIA GTX 1650, and AMD’s RX6400 and RX 6500 XT. This points towards software limitations that can be ironed out with future firmware and driver updates, as Intel gains more familiarity with the discrete GPU space.

While a lot of the hype has settled, and exact launch dates are uncertain, we are still excited for more choice and a more competitive market so we suggest keeping an eye out for any news or updates regarding these new Arc Alchemist GPUs. Until then, take a look at some great options from NVIDIA or AMD.