The GPU market in recent times has been as exciting as it has been perplexing. We have seen wider adoption of raytracing and and the maturation of image upscaling and framerate boosting technologies like NVIDIA DLSS and AMD’s FSR2.0, but we have also seen the trend towards increasingly concerning TDPs and equally worrying pricing to match. This makes the recent price drops a welcome change of pace, even though it has been almost 2 years since the arrival of the Ampere and RDNA2 GPU’s.

The prices of desktop graphics cards have been on the decline for much of this year and they have finally dropped below MSRP in the UK and Europe. According to VideoCardz and 3DCenter, Austria and Germany have seen RX 6000 series cards averaging 92% of the recommended retail price, with that difference steadily increasing over time. NVIDIA cards have also been affected, with the higher end RTX 30 GPU’s selling in the UK at below MSRP.

Source: VideoCardz

The delayed arrival of next-gen GPUs and the volatility of the crypto markets, coupled with tightening regulations in various regions, have resulted in a surplus of GPUs driving prices down. The effects of this supply surplus on resellers prices can be seen in China, where the abundance of graphics cards has created an environment where the RTX 3090Ti could be found for sale at 38% below MSRP. Resellers should keep an eye out for any offers and support, to make sure they are still competitive.

While a new GPU generation is on the horizon, the previously limited supply and subsequent increased GPU costs mean that there are a lot of people who have yet to upgrade to this generation of NVIDIA RTX 30 series and Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards. The opportunities aren’t limited to this generation either, according to the latest Steam Hardware Survey, 7 of the 10 most common graphics cards are still from Nvidia’s GeForce 10 series. This presents an opportunity for resellers to pick up higher-end cards from the previous generation at a price to performance ratio ideal for their customers and pre-built PC designs.