The go-to option for any gamer wanting to upgrade their monitor would certainly be the 24G2AE/BK. The model combines strong performance without demanding any compromises in terms of aesthetics and image quality.

With 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, the display is capable of providing images of excellent quality even in the fastest of genres, such as RTS and FPS. While many monitors are tailored to suit the needs of fast games and make cuts when it comes to colour gamut, this display has an IPS panel which can display colours in their life-like beauty. At the same time, it erases disruptive blur effects, which makes this product practically an all-rounder.

Its big brother, the 27G2AE/BK, boasts largely the same specs, keeping a perfect balance between performance and beauty. If you have a little more money and space to spare, and desire a larger model, you should consider this 27” screen instead. Games with large, immersive landscapes particularly benefit from the extra size and let you dive deeper into your favourite worlds.

Curved comfort for less

If you want to upgrade your gaming experience to a whole new level, you may want to consider purchasing a curved monitor. In contrast to regular displays, curved ones cover a wider field of view. The human eye’s perception is not perfectly flat, which is why a curved screen better helps to emulate the natural way humans see.

Not only does this create a 3D effect, making your game even more immersive, but it also reduces eyestrain. With a curvature of 1500R, AOC’s budget solution, the C24G2AE/BK, offers an elegant design, which casts you immediately at the centre of the action. Games that put you into a first-person perspective, such as FPS or racing games, benefit most from curvature.

The screen features an even higher refresh rate of 165Hz – enough to keep up with the fastest games on the market. Rather than IPS panels, the C24G2AE/BK is equipped with VA panels. In general, VA panels offer stronger contrasts, but this comes at the cost of a slightly higher reaction time.

Individual game modes and FreeSyncTM

All AOC monitors come with six different game modes by default, which are catered to the specifics of different genres, such as RTS, FPS, racing and RPGs. The modes are completely customisable to meet your needs just perfectly.

On top of that, AOC monitors feature AMD FreeSyncTM Premium Technology, which ensures exact synchronicity between GPU and your monitor’s refresh rate. This technology guarantees tear-free, fluid images and optimises the high refresh rates and low response times of AOC monitors.

Which monitor should I buy?

The answer to this question fully depends on your needs. As the prices of all these four models are not too far apart from each other, let’s focus on the fields of use to make an informed decision.

The G2AE/BK versions are for gamers who want a low-budget option, which gets the job done without drawbacks from graphics quality. Both options excel at competitive games such as RTS and FPS, as they grant a clear overview.

The curved option is best when used with games that require a wide field of view or those which emulate large, immersive worlds. Racing games, RPGs, but also more story-driven shooters would be typical examples of ideal games to play with a curved monitor.

In the end, it’s your choice and with AOC you can hardly make the wrong call.