In recent times, people all over the world have been adapting their home offices to better accommodate their new lifestyle and work needs. It comes as no surprise that one of the growing demands centres around larger screen sizes. For example, ultra-wide displays, which typically have an expanded 21:9, 32:9 and 32:10 aspect ratio – providing a broader overall picture, are becoming more and more widespread and it’s a trend we have seen growing for the past couple of years both for home solutions and for business environments. One of the reasons behind this preference comes from the increased immersion and productivity they surely enable, but there are few other important benefits that one could get from upgrading the home studio with a large-sized monitor.

All in one workspace

In this new era of working smartly, big size monitors are a good help in setting up a specific area at home, totally dedicated to work. Together with just what’s necessary (PC, printer, and peripherical devices), it’s easy to maintain the same proficiency as at work, keeping noisy distractions and interruptions at a minimum.

Even office spaces can benefit from having the solution to permanently eliminate the old habit to cluster two or more screens, for a neat and minimalistic workspace.

To name one, the AOC U32U1 monitor is the perfect solution for a smart working station or an office desk: elegantly designed by Studio F.A. Porsche, it boasts a 31.5” IPS panel in 4K letting the monitor stand out and reduce any kind of distractions. This premium business monitor is the state-of-the-art of technology within a bold design, simultaneously providing effortless productivity thanks to its USB-C port, HDMI 2.0 as well as a DisplayPort 1.4 connector and a USB 3.2 hub.

Minimising distractions

Keeping concentrated isn’t always easy. Distractions (especially when it comes to working at home) lower our productivity and increase the time spent in front of the monitor. There are ways to fully capture our field of view and dive into work having everything you need clearly and immediately ahead of you in one glance: on one screen, with less space and time for distractions.

Multitasking at its simplest

No more messy, cramped screens where there’s no space for everything’s needed. Ultra-wide displays give more room to work and play with multiple applications at once, perfect for those who really need to multitask. A similar solution could really reduce the frustration of window management, while boosting reading comprehension by making more data visible in one look.

In business environments, large-sized monitors (from 27” upward) are highly demanded. Those who work in the financial sector will surely appreciate the increased room for them to keep all their windows always under control, which can even result in enhanced strategic thinking, enabling them to really see “the big picture”.

Moreover, large screen sizes also usually come along with innovative solutions contributing to greater productivity and ease of use.

Better picture quality

Large screens often feature good picture quality, with a resolution varying from Wide Quad HD (3440×1440 pixels) to 4K (3840×2160 pixels). These monitors boast a comfortable pixel density that delivers brilliantly sharp images with the finest details, even eliminating the need for scaling. The high-end AOC U32E2N model brings them all together in a 31.5” 4K (UHD) panel with a pixel density of 140 ppi. This all-new monitor let the user to fully enjoy highly detailed images thanks to a 2500:1 native contrast ratio and a backlighting producing a brightness of 350 nits.

Graphic designers, video makers and content creators will surely appreciate the quality, comfort, and performance they can get from a monitor of that size!

More space and a more immersive experience

Entertainment can also benefit from an extra screen real estate! Wide monitors can drive minds to think bigger thanks to their massive displays. Encompassing a large field of vision, they draw users into the high-resolution reality on screen. No need to settle for anything less – get fully immersed in the latest movies and games!

Ultra-wide and large screens are key allies in modern home offices or business environments for their extensive benefits that make them the real ace in the hole. Once you get accustomed to a large sized screen… with productivity and entertainment growing accordingly to the size… will be hard to go back!

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