Manufacturer : AOC

Model : Q27T1

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The Q27T1 is one of AOC’s stunning offerings in their Home and Office range, with some of the most stunning and modern design you can find on a monitor. With an ultra-thin panel, concealed ports and a unique and aesthetic stand, the Q27T1 is most definitely a looker. Now it may seem strange that I feel the need to shout about a Home and Office monitor on a gaming site, but bear with me.

Firstly, specs – the Q27T1 does not have the high-spec credentials that its gaming orientated Agon cousins have, but it’s still no slouch.

At 1440p QHD the display is stunning, and the resolution is no issue, especially with the Ultra-sharp setting switched on, which adds extra crispness to every pixel. In addition, the IPS panel provides amazing viewing angles, paired with an anti-glare layer. No matter the angle or lighting at which you use the Q27T1, it always looks good. The best feature for the screen, however, is its wide colour gamut, and this is part of my reasoning behind saying that it is one of the best monitors for single monitor setups.

Consider this: if, like me, you are a content creator and a passionate gamer, or even make gaming content. This is near perfect, the wide colour gamut and IPS panel support you in colour grading. You can be sure that the colour you see on your screen is the colour it actually is. Colour correction for videos becomes slightly easier, with peace of mind that it will look good once it’s being played on a multitude of different devices. The AOC Q27T1 achieved a colour gamut coverage of 102% sRGB and 87% AdobeRGB in testing, with a maximum brightness of 352 nits. Given there is no HDR on this monitor, the brightness is adequate for all but the most brightly lit of rooms, and despite this only being an 8-bit panel, colour reproduction is excellent. The factory calibration is very good too, and shouldn’t take much adjustment, if any, to achieve the best image quality.


Overall, I love the Q27T1, and it is one of my favourite monitors to date. With its stunning design and cross-purpose capabilities, it is the ideal monitor for a single display set-up. This is particularly so in light of its low price point.

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