Amsterdam, 13 December 2018 – Display specialist AOC offers a wide variety of monitors for various needs. Many of them are perfect for users seeking maximum productivity or the most immersive gaming experience with multi-monitor set-ups. AOC gives some simple ideas for different users from gamers to professionals to increase their efficiency in work settings or maximise their gaming experience and boost their gaming stations. Many current graphics cards support over three display outputs; making multi-monitor setups easier than ever. Find out what’s possible:

Thanks to the 3-sides frameless design of the X24P1 and its height adjustable and pivotable stand, it is suited perfectly for a business-focused dual-monitor setup. The IPS panels with great colour accuracy and wide viewing angles ensure a comfortable viewing experience in a multi-monitor configuration. Users such as coders/programmers who need more vertical space can use one or both monitors in pivot mode, too.

Ultimate HDR 144 Hz gaming setup – live streaming proofed

This impressive setup’s main display is AOC’s curved AGON AG322QC4, an epic 31.5” (80.01 cm) gaming monitor with a 2560×1440 resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate, and 4 ms response time, perfectly suited for single player and multiplayer action, RTS, fighting games. It is also HDR-compliant with VESA DisplayHDR 400 and has a native contrast ratio of 3000:1, which will let gamers enjoy the latest games and movies with ambitious HDR graphics on a comfortable, large display.

This amazing monitor can be flanked with AOC’s 24.5” (62.2 cm) G2590PX vertically on the left or right, which is especially useful for livestreamers on Twitch/YouTube, because it enables the gamers to use them as a secondary information display, to show live chat and interact with users easily.

In the horizontal position the G2590PX is perfect for FPS players. This beast of a gaming monitor comes with a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. While the G2590PX is equipped with AMD FreeSync, the AG322QC4 supports AMD’s FreeSync 2, so gamers will enjoy tear and stutter-free gaming with both displays.

Timeline-based video sequencer setup for aspiring gaming YouTubers

AOC’s curved AGON AG352UCG6 is a 35” (88.98 cm) beast of a gaming monitor, with 3440×1440 UWQHD resolution, 21:9 aspect ratio, Nvidia G- SYNC support, 120 Hz refresh rate and a VA panel for an impressive 2500:1 contrast ratio. It’s equally a productivity booster as well as a gaming monitor.

Since video producers often use a timeline-based software, they need to have the widest window possible to see the complete timeline of their projects at a glance. The AG352UCG6’s ultra-wide display is a perfect option for this scenario. Such users can complement the display with the AOC AGON AG271QG, a 27” (68.59 cm) WQHD (2560×1440 pixels) IPS display with great colour accuracy and VESA mount support. Users can either use the AG271QG in horizontal or vertical orientation, on the left/right side or on top of the AG352UCG6, depending on their preferred use case.

Three C24G1’s for ultimate immersion in simulation games

While a single gaming monitor from AOC’s new G1 Series such as the 24” (59.9 cm) C24G1 is immersive by itself thanks to its aggressive 1500R curvature, positioning three of these monitors horizontally will cover a user’s full peripheral vision. A 144 Hz refresh rate, FreeSync and 1 ms MPRT guarantee a fluid gaming experience. Gamers can almost seamlessly combine three C24G1s side-by-side due to their 3-sides frameless design and fully adjustable stands.

This setup is mostly suited for fans of high immersion gameplay, such as flight or racing simulators so they can recreate the cockpit in the comfort of their homes.


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