People are sitting more than ever. Gamers sit and play. Streamers sit and stream. Remote workers sit and work. In a world where everyone is sitting more and more, people will find that their chair really is their second home. That’s why having an ergonomic chair is so important and why consumers will increasingly look to have a chair designed specifically to be ergonomically comfortable.


Gamers and streamers seek chairs that are not only visually appealing but also very comfortable for their hours-long gaming and streaming sessions. Gamers and streamers might dream of the days they can play or stream laying down, or wait for a future where they can float in zero gravity, but until then they will always want comfortable chairs that protect them from aches and pains caused by prolonged sitting.


A growing number of workers never step foot in an office or sit in a cubicle. These are remote workers who do all of their tasks for their employers from their homes. While some of these remote workers may be freelancers or work for a single employer, they all still get their duties done and more importantly, they all do it from chairs.


Unlike most working professionals though, they have total control over the type of chair they sit in while they work. Budget-minded corporations often make employees sit in the most affordable chair, with little attention paid to the chair’s ergonomics or comfort. Remote workers however, can exercise total power in deciding to purchase a new ergonomic chair that not only feels great to sit in but looks as exciting as a chair from a high performance racing car.


As remote working, gaming, and streaming continue to grow and expand both in terms of industry sizes and number of people engaging in these activities, people will always need chairs that they sit in and feel at home in. That’s why ergonomic gaming chairs, like Vertagear’s line of chairs, will be wanted by gamers, streamers, and remote workers who want great looking chairs that feel amazingly comfortable.


Each Vertagear chair is ergonomically engineered to look like it was pulled from a high-performance race car. Only Vertagear offers gamers and streamers a chair designed for proper neck and back support so that users don’t suffer from aches and pains after hours of sitting. Vertagear’s customizable chair settings let each user adjust their chair for maximum comfort in a way that fits their unique body proportions.


Remote workers should definitely follow the example of gamers and streamers by getting a comfortable Vertagear chair so they can work in total relaxation for hours without any bodily stress or problems. Vertagear is there for the soaring numbers of remote workers, gamers, and streamers that crave an ergonomically engineered chair that looks and feels amazing. When users sit in a Vertagear, their bodies feel at home.

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