Meaningful improvements over last year’s X399.

Manufacturer : Aorus, Gigabyte

Model : X399 Xtreme

RRP : £442.99

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The very recent introduction of 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper has brought renewed focus on the supporting platform known as TR4. This release has interesting significance for motherboard manufacturers because AMD has already said that all new Threadripper chips will work on existing X399 boards with a BIOS update.  Read the full review here.

Conclusions :

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The AMD Threadripper CPU has been morphed into a workstation chip with the release of the WX line. As such, there is renewed focus on the supporting chipset, X399.

Aorus sees opportunity of pushing the features and performance up by a notch over the Gaming 7 from last year. The result of that thinking is a board aptly named the Xtreme.

Good points include baked-in 10Gbit/s Ethernet, great looks, integrated I/O shield, chunky M.2 cooling, restrained lighting, top-notch audio, and a really solid backplate. Each represent meaningful upgrades over the first-gen Gaming 7.

That said, the good is tempered by some potentially bad, notably the DIMM slots being close together, last-gen Wifi, and a perfunctory BIOS. Are those subjective negatives enough to take the shine off the package? The answer is probably not in our books, and the overall feeling is that the Xtreme is a solid base for the Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX in particular.

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