Wi-Fi dead spots are a thing of the past with mesh networking. 

Manufacturer : Tenda

Model : Nova MW3

RRP : £99.99

Until now, mesh hasn’t been an affordable option for many who continue to choose a range extender in a bid to solve their Wi-Fi issues with little success.  The new Tenda Nova MW3 promises a true mesh networking experience from only £99.99, working intelligently to optimise your Wi-Fi experience and eliminating dead spots across the whole home.

Pros :
  • A hassle free simultaneous gaming and streaming experience
  • Easy and fast setup with pre- configuration
  • Simple management via the app
  • With one single SSID and password the MW3 automatically performs a handover without interrupting services
  • Very reliable. If one Nova goes down the others carry on working
Cons :
  • It’s a dual-band not tri-band solution, however it delivers a great experience for the price, making it a great choice for value conscious users
Conclusions :

The Tenda Nova MW3 and its older brother, the MW6, deliver the best value mesh networking solutions on the market.  They are highly rated by review sites with Tech for Techs awarding ‘Platinum’ and ‘Must Have’ awards as well as scoring maximum points in testing.

The perfect choice for those that want value for money.  The MW3 delivers on performance, price and ease of use to eliminate dead spots and boost Wi-Fi coverage.

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