Tenda are positioning ourselves to be the market leader in whole-home WiFi coverage products through delivering in two key areas –

  1. Technology
  2. Price

We have already shaken the market with the introduction of the Nova MW6, with a retail price of  £159.99, which is £20 – £30 lower than its nearest rivals, the BT Whole-Home Disc and the TP-Link Deco. Featuring the latest technology to deliver a “True-Mesh” experience with a cost price that is 25 – 35% less than its competitors.

With the Nova MW3, the MW6’s little brother, Tenda are taking this one step further by maintaining a minimum standard of technology such as AC1200, ethernet backhaul, seamless roaming and intelligent AP steering to bring the price-point of mesh networking to an even lower  RRP of £99.99 (for the three-node configuration) which is the tipping point for the beginning of mass adoption. The two-node & singe-node variations are available with an RRP of £69.99 and £36.99 respectively.

Tenda believe that all the benefits of whole-home WiFi coverage (the smart-home & WiFi capacity) can only be delivered by a state-of-the-art Mesh system, but the mass market is currently stuck in the paradigm of daisy-chained powerlines and range extenders. A good analogy is to imagine the average home before central heating, when each room had its own individual fireplace that had to be maintained and managed. With central heating and controllable radiators in each room, the entire home becomes useable.

We believe that this analogy holds true for WiFi and that when true-mesh (the 802.11s standard), fully controllable from a cloud-based app, becomes available to a greater segment of the market, the old technology of powerlines and extenders will be seen for what they are.  Tenda have made the breakthrough in price and technology to facilitate that movement with the Nova MW3 – a truly disruptive product.

The Nova MW3 is part of a planned range of products at different technology-levels and price-points that will address all segments of the market for whole-home WiFi coverage. With this range of products Tenda will be positioned to take the technology, price and thought leadership in this category. The MW3 is a first step in the democratisation of the category, enabling a wider group of consumers to take part in the coming smart-home revolution.