You may have come across numerous life hacks in the digital media world that promise to change your life; mesh networking is one that really hits the mark.  It is well thought out, well designed, and powerful enough to meet all your smart home needs.

Mesh technology removes the need for fiddly powerlines & Wi-Fi range extenders with a promise to work intelligently to optimise your Wi-Fi experience across the whole home.

Intrigued? So were we, and then we were impressed when we first set our eyes on these little guys from Tenda – the Nova MW3.

Here are our five reasons to choose a mesh network…

  1. Improve the Wi-Fi connectivity all over your home and eliminate dead spots

Routers are one of the most important investments you will make to power your smart home revolution.  The introduction of Amazon Alexa and Google Home have further added to the demand on home Wi-Fi systems making connectivity an essential home utility. From smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart TV’s to security cameras, heating systems, lights and many more.

The key to having the best possible Wi-Fi experience is to get the best out of your router. Instead of buying just one router that’s really only designed to reach across one room and then patch it together with powerlines and range extenders, the Nova MW3 is specifically designed to create a mesh network that covers your entire house with a reliable and fast smart network. One home, one super-network so you can work or play anywhere in your house.

The Nova MW3 provides a seamless streaming experience for all connected smart devices throughout the home. Making roaming easy and eliminating dead spots.

Seamless wi-fi roaming

  1. Protect your kids from harmful online activities

The Nova MW3 allows parents to place usage restrictions on their children’s devices.  The Tenda Wi-Fi app that is used to manage the Nova Mesh Smart Home WiFi system makes it easy to regulate, track and control browsing activity which can prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate and dangerous websites, installing apps from unknown sources or unauthorised online purchases. It does all this, simply and intuitively.  You can even set access times.

  1. Different access for guests

Nowadays, the first thing a guest does after accepting the offered cup of tea is to ask about the Wi-Fi, and it’s hard to say no for your access code.

This one is a real delight and a big-time privacy saviour. The Tenda Wi-Fi app offers guest access options where you can set a separate password for your guests, which will expire after a certain time determined by you and that too without compromising your personal network.

  1. HD live stream, video calling, and seamless surfing all around your house

The Nova MW3 offers a data rate of up to 1200Mbps and prioritizes 5 GHz network access which means you can enjoy lag-free 4K videos, video calls and smooth surfing wherever you are in the house. You are no longer tied to one room where you may have a powerline or extender.

  1. Beautiful and aesthetic design

One of our favourite things about the Nova is its stylish design. It has a modern yet retro feel that matches any space with its iconic cube shape, a decorative piece that will become part of your home.

What do we think overall?

 If you want all your devices to connect seamlessly, be simple to install and easily managed, the Nova MW3 Mesh Wi-Fi system is a great budget friendly option delivering the best value mesh networking solution on the market. This product uses the latest Mesh technology which creates a whole network around the house, rather than having the old point-to-point coverage that comes with old powerlines & range extenders.  It’s a real breakthrough in terms of price and technology, making the smart home achievable and accessible to everyone.

You can buy the Tenda Nova MW3 from for only £91.99 (3 pack)