Manufacturer : Razer

Model : Abyssus Essential

RRP : £49.99

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Joining the cult of Razer has never been inexpensive, but that hasn’t stopped it becoming a truly dominant force when it comes to peripherals, esports, and gaming. Nonetheless, the firm has recently ventured into manufacturing products specifically with an eye on wallet-conscious buyers, and the Abysuss Essential mouse – by Razer’s reckoning at least – is one such product. Others include the Goliathus Chroma soft-cloth RGB mousepad and the Cynosa Chroma keyboard.

Conclusions :

The shape of this mouse isn’t to my personal taste, and it doesn’t implement any features particularly poorly – the clickers are pleasant to use, the sensor works fine, the lighting is pleasant, and the software is a breeze. The main issue, though, is that this is a £50 three-button mouse. Sure, it’s spruced up with nice RGB lighting and a smidgen of button customisation, but that’s simply not enough to save it. Even Razer’s own product catalogue makes this look bad, but beyond that there are numerous mice with decent sensors and more buttons at the £30 mark and considerably better options for £50. They may not have the Razer edge (sorry) in terms of software support, but Synapse 3 is mostly wasted on a mouse that’s so hampered hardware wise. I’m a fan of many Razer mice, but sadly the only thing that’s essential here is steering clear.

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