A lot of monitor for less than 200.

Manufacturer : AOC

Model : Q3279VWF

RRP : £188.99

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Are we living in a golden era of PC displays? Some of the current crop are truly gorgeous to behold, both in terms of design and technology, but there can be a significant price hurdle if you aim too high. Few of us would say no to a 5K Philips, but many of us would baulk at the £1,200 price tag.

Fortunately for all the savvy shoppers out there, there are bargains to be had and, on paper, the AOC Q3279VWF appears to be a stand-out contender.  Read the full review here.

Conclusions :

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Building a 31.5in QHD monitor to meet a £200 price target is always going to be an exercise in compromise. Has AOC done enough with the Q3279VWF for the wallet-friendly display to warrant serious consideration?

That all depends on whether or not any of the identified caveats can be considered incompatible with your intended usage scenario. Colour accuracy isn’t great, brightness could be better, there’s no VESA mount, the supplied stand isn’t particularly versatile, and if you’re hoping for niceties such as a USB hub or built-in speakers, you won’t find them here.

Plenty of food for thought, yet if none of the above are of the utmost importance, the Q3279VWF’s redeeming features offer genuine appeal. Build quality is decent, the 31.5in screen size will serve as a grand upgrade for most, a 2,560×1,440 resolution is a good fit, both black levels and contrast are excellent, and FreeSync support at up to 75Hz is a bonus.

Bottom line: need a big monitor that doesn’t break the bank? AOC’s Q3279VWF is a dependable all-rounder and well worth a shout at £200.

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